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A hospital was able to take back ownership of its lift station equipment and dramatically reduce its operations costs by converting from submerisble pumps to an above-ground wet well mounted pump station. Previously, routine O&M items like pulling the submersible pump to change a seal or impeller required obtaining entry tickets, tripods, safety harnesses, air monitoring equipment


Thank you for requesting our White Paper One municipality keeps detailed records on all repair and maintenance work orders and costs for its 53 pump stations, some submersible and some S&L Wet Well Mounted. A 12-year study of the data revealed nearly 56 percent lower operating expenses for the S&L stations compared to submersibles—a differential


Agreement brings patented biofilm, granular biomass and clarifier optimization technologies to the Water Market LENEXA (Kan.) – Smith & Loveless Inc. and RF Wastewater/Nuvoda LLC announce today a strategic alliance to deliver innovative biofilm technologies to dramatically optimize activated sludge treatment and clarifier performance for Water Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRFs) and other public / private


Why Grit Airlifts Cost You Too Much Time & Money There are only two automatic ways to physically remove the grit slurry from the grit chamber’s storage hopper; Airlift or centrifugal Grit Pump. Although grit airlifts are still widely used in the UK, the centrifugal Grit Pump is, by far, the more efficient method of


Just because something is “flushable”, doesn’t mean it should be disposed of down a toilet! Disposable wipes – have become the scourge of residential and municipal sewer systems around the world. Flushing disposable wipes into the sewer network can cause regular clogging problems in pipework and at pump stations, resulting in costly maintenance and downtime.