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Green Biofilm Technology

Agreement brings patented biofilm, granular biomass and clarifier optimization technologies to the Water Market

LENEXA (Kan.) – Smith & Loveless Inc. and RF Wastewater/Nuvoda LLC announce today a strategic alliance to deliver innovative biofilm technologies to dramatically optimize activated sludge treatment and clarifier performance for Water Resource Recovery Facilities (WRRFs) and other public / private treatment plant systems. This alliance combines Smith & Loveless’ strong legacy of treatment process innovation and engineered system design with RF Wastewater/Nuvoda’s bioaugmentation expertise and mobile biofilm carrier development. Under the agreement, Smith & Loveless obtains the exclusive right to commercially develop and integrate RF Wastewater/Nuvoda’s patented lignocellulosic biofilm technology for high rate biofilm treatment for nutrient removal, granular biomass and enhanced clarifier settling. These new eco-friendly processes bring all-natural green solutions to clean water treatment.

“Smith & Loveless is excited to collaborate with RF Wastewater/Nuvoda to bring to the water industry one of the most significant breakthroughs in biofilm treatment and sustainability,” said Frank J. Rebori, president of Smith & Loveless. “This Green+Green™ technology utilizes a patented renewable biofilm resource to replace chemical and petrochemical-based approaches for clean water treatment, continuing Smith & Loveless’ commitment to develop leading-edge and sustainable treatment solutions.”

“We are very pleased to align with Smith & Loveless to advance ground-breaking treatment solutions like Mobile Organic Biofilm™,” said Worth Harris CEO of RF Wastewater/Nuvoda. “Smith & Loveless’ long-standing reputation for system innovation matches well with RF Wastewater/Nuvoda’s commitment to research and development of next-generation biofilm technology”

Jason Calhoun, P.E., RF Wastewater/Nuvoda Vice President of Business Development and Technology added: “The combined synergies of Smith & Loveless and RF Wastewater/Nuvoda creates a whole new exciting level for the emerging biofilm market and customers requiring advanced solutions to meet today’s clean water treatment challenges.”

With today’s announcement, Smith & Loveless introduces new process solutions for biofilm treatment and clarifier optimization featuring RF Wastewater / Nuvoda’s patented mobile biofilm media and Mobile Organic Biofilm™ processes. These patented processes enable new and existing WRRF’s to dramatically improve organic and hydraulic treatment capacity, nutrient removal and clarifier settling without the use of polymers, petroleum-based carriers or expensive, inorganic ballasted additives. Because it utilizes an all-natural green carrier, the Mobile Organic Biofilm™ process eliminates the need for non-renewable petroleum-based carriers and other additives.

“Smith & Loveless is excited to offer utilities looking to cost-effectively optimize, upgrade or expand their treatment systems with totally green process solutions,” Rebori said. “This Green+Green™ process can be applied for new installations or to retrofit existing systems to improve or expand capacity and performance.”

Smith & Loveless and RF Wastewater/Nuvoda will be available at WEFTEC.17, Oct. 1-3, Chicago, Ill., at S&L booth #2017, to discuss the alliance and the new biofilm process solutions being introduced. To learn more, visit Smith & Loveless’ website at or contact the company at (800) 898-9122. Continue the conversation by following S&L @Smith_Loveless.


About Smith & Loveless, Inc.
Founded in 1946, Smith & Loveless Inc. is a global manufacturing leader of engineered systems for the water and
mining industries with installations in more than 75 nations around the world. For more information on Smith &
Loveless Inc. and its products, visit, and follow the company on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About RF Wastewater/Nuvoda LLC
Originally founded in 2006, RF Wastewater/Nuvoda carries out cutting-edge wastewater research geared towards
emerging biological technologies and engineering services. It offers a full line of chemical and biological additives as
well as engineered solutions.

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